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Adoptable Pets

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Looking to adopt your new best friend? Saving Grace has many wonderful dogs, cats and small animals waiting for you! Click here.

Foster Program

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Foster parents provide a temporary clean, safe and loving home while an animal prepares for adoption. It’s easy to get started. Click here for more info!

Affordable Spay/Neuter

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As resources permit, Saving Grace offers affordable spay/neuter services for publicly owned animals.

Lost & Found

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Here at Saving Grace, we do everything we can to help reunite people with their lost pets! Click here for our Lost & Found page for more info.

Re-Home / Surrender

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We understand that there are circumstances where you are not able to keep your pet. Click here to learn about options.


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Our volunteers are our most important asset and they do a remarkable job for the animals, the shelter and our programs. Click here to learn more!

More than just a “shelter”.

At Saving Grace Pet Adoption Center, we have many resources to serve the people of Douglas County. You may be interested in adding a new furry member to your family, might need to re-home a pet, have questions about spaying and neutering, or maybe you’d like to donate or volunteer with us. Please explore our new site and get to know the services and resources we offer.

Did you know?

Saving Grace has a 94% Live Release Rate making us a nationally recognized “No Kill” shelter.


Animals Adopted in 2023


% of Lost Pets Reunited with Their Families


Active Volunteers

Help shelter pets today!

Your gift will help shelter pets receive the care they need to find their way to their furever home. Donate today to help with the cost of vaccines, spay/neuter surgeries, medical care, and other daily expenses. The pets of Saving Grace thank you!


Find your new furever friend!

Looking to adopt your new best friend? Saving Grace has many wonderful dogs, cats and small animals waiting for you! View our available pets online, meet them in-person and complete your adoption. Be prepared to create new memories filled with love, laughter, and endless joy with your new best friend!

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Fostering a Pet is as easy as 1, 2, 3

Step 1: Learn about our Foster Program.

Step 2: Sign up to Foster!

Step 3: Receive an email with foster resources, and pick up your new foster pet!

“Fostering is an amazing way to love and help a pet in need without a lifelong commitment.”

– Saving Grace Foster Parent

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