A fungus among us – Ringworm FAQ

In the realm of animal shelters, there’s a special group of cats and kittens that often gets overlooked – those with ringworm. These cats are just as deserving of attention and a loving home as all the others! We know what you’re thinking… ew RINGWORM?! But, the truth is, being in a nurturing home environment instead of the shelter ensures these guys a quicker recovery, more time to bond with their adopters, and a lifetime of happiness.

What is ringworm?? 

Ringworm isn’t a worm at all! It’s actually a super common fungal infection that has nothing to do with worms, taking the appearance of a circular itchy patch of skin. And the best news, its completely treatable! If you have a small area of your household that can easily be quarantined and sanitized, such as a bathroom, you’re well on your way to being able to treat a ringworm cat/kitten from the comfort of home. 

Isn’t it sad that a kitten has to grow up in a small bathroom? 

It may seem sad at first, but think about the small kennels and stressful conditions they are in here at the shelter. Our small staff has little time for one-on-one socialization with these little cuties and no matter how hard we try, we can’t give them a fraction of the attention they deserve. We would rather they partake on their healing journey while starting to form the bond with you, their new family.  

How do I treat ringworm from home?  

Upon adoption, Saving Grace will provide you will all the tools and knowledge you’ll need to get started! Besides a space to be quarantined, all you will need to give them is a daily oral medication, as well as a lime-sulfer dip bath 2x/week until they’re ringworm free. Keeping yourself ringworm free is easy, gear up before you go into the room with a long sleeve shirt and pants over your pants. You may also choose to wear disposable gloves, otherwise you may wash your hands thoroughly after exiting the room. If you have any questions or concerns, we are always here to help!  

We would love to see our adorable ringworm cats and kittens grow up in a foster-to-adopt home instead of here at the shelter, wouldn’t you? Providing a home to a cat with ringworm ensures their quick recovery from this not-so-scary fungus! Not long ago, these cats and kittens wouldn’t have gotten this second chance at a home. We’re fortunate now to be able to provide the resources and treatment to save more lives and find loving homes for these crusty critters. Now that we’ve demystified the stigma, come adopt a ringworm kitten today and take part in their transformative story!