Holly’s Hospice Program

Hospice fostering provides a home and care for pets who, through no fault of their own, find themselves in a shelter or other desperate situation, without family, in their most urgent time.

These pets usually are very old or very ill, and do not have long to live. To learn more about this opportunity, please email secondchance@savinggrace.info or call (541) 672-3907 x111.

Meet Holly

Holly was a 13 year old cat brought to Saving Grace who suffered from end stage kidney failure. Her quality of life was still upholding, but she was not an eligible candidate for adoption. This led to Holly remaining in foster for 201 days until her end of life came.

A photo of Holly, a brown, fluffy cat, who Holly's Hospice was named after, sitting on a window ledge

Foster FAQ

What type of animals can I foster?

The types of animals in this program include animals who still have a good quality of life but are not eligible for adoption. This pet will have a life-limiting, noncontagious condition — but is not suffering or in pain (renal failure, heart failure, etc..).

What is the time commitment?

The length of foster varies based on the needs of the animal and the pet’s quality of life. You will receive an approximate duration before you commit to an animal, and we will match you with a pet that works with your availability, and interests.

What are the benefits?

  • Provide a loving home to a deserving pet without incurring the costs and long-term responsibilities of adoption.
  • Hospice fosters say it is one of the most rewarding things they have ever done.
  • You get to make sure make sure the pet is spoiled rotten in the remaining time they do have.
  • Make a huge difference for an animal in need – they may only have a short time left, but they can provide you a lifetime of love during your time fostering them.

Does Saving Grace provide supplies?

Saving Grace covers the food, medication and expenses of caring for an aging or ailing animal, and work with the foster to ensure the pet’s comfort.


“Every animal deserves to live their full life…And when the time comes to say goodbye, I know that no matter what their life was like before me, they felt true, unconditional love at the end.” – Meghan L., Holly’s Hospice Foster