Meet Our Team


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Executive Director

An image of 1 gray kitten, 1 gray and white kitten, and one white kitten with stripes

Dr. Kathy Tyson, DVM
Medical Director

A photo of Courtney Davenport holding a small orange kitten

Courtney Davenport
Operations Director

A photo of Brooke holding a small tabby kitten

Shelter Health Manager / Feline Care Manager

A photo of Brittyne holding a small tabby kitten

Canine Care Team Manager

A photo of Nicole with a large dog

Foster Care Manager

A photo of Rachel holding a small brown dog

Veterinary Assistant Lead

A photo of Cyn holding a black and brown dog

Development and Communications Assistant

A photo of Fern with a small black kitten

Veterinary Assistant

A photo of a brown dog with a blue bandana outdoors

Community Engagement Coordinator

A close up photo of the face of a brown tabby cat

Feline Care Team

A photo of a dark gray cat with amber eyes

Feline Care Team

A photo of a big gray tabby cat wearing a striped tie

Feline Care Team

A close up photo of a very young gray and white kitten

Feline Care Team Lead

A photo of a black lab dog laying down

Canine Care Team

A photo of a Pomeranian dog

Canine Care Team

A photo of a white fluffy dog

Canine Care Team

Canine Care Team

A photo of a black rabbit

Customer Communications Specialist

A photo of the face of a small brown tabby kitten

Customer Communications Specialist

Board of Directors

  • Rubea Barnett, Board President
  • Jamie Ambrosini, Treasurer
  • Sherri Brown, Board Director
  • LuAnn Chillemi, Board Director
  • Judi Danielson, Board Director
  • Joni Knostman, Board Director
  • Cheryl Ramberg-Ford, Board Director

Advisory Council

  • Denny Kruse, SGPAC Board Member Emeritus
  • Carla Cameron, SGPAC Board Member Emeritus


  • Ernie Brown, Retired Superintendent
  • Stacey Crowe, FCC Furniture
  • Heather Danielle, Branch Manager First Community Credit Union, Roseburg
  • Aaron Daniel, Lamonte Real Estate Professionals
  • Lynn Engle, Awesome Local Artist & Philanthropist
  • Megan Gram, Pacific Regional Director, Animal Balance, CAWA
  • Sherry Holub, Creative Director at JVM Design
  • Georgie Pulman-Olaski, Founder and Owner K9 Crack