Our Facility

Our 13,000 square foot facility is located at 450 Old Del Rio Rd., Roseburg, Oregon.

  • Kennels designed to minimize stress, barking and the spread of kennel cough & disease
  • The new Doggie Bedrooms give our anxious dogs relief from their kennels
  • Indoor/outdoor runs for all adult dogs as well as a dog walking path
  • Cat Lounge provides a space for our cats to interact with each other
  • Cats housed in cat “condos”, a more home-like group setting, rather than small kennels
  • Special room within the main building for kittens whose immune systems are still developing
  • Special room for small animals like rabbits and guinea pigs, who are so prone to stress
  • An area with a selection of pet supplies for sale
  • Veterinary Clinic with surgery space, x-ray machine, and recovery space
  • Potential adopters have a spaces that are welcoming, fun, safe, and comfortable to interact with the animals
  • Pleasant working conditions to attract and retain volunteers to assist with animal care
  • A spacious and ergonomically correct dish washing room and a laundry room with two sets of washers and dryers to make these daunting tasks easier
  • A built-in grooming bathtub for easier to dog bathing; allowing them to look and feel their best

Did you know?

Saving Grace utilizes a 43.2 kilowatt solar panel system. This $139,000 project was made possible with funding support from Pacific Power’s Blue Sky program customers. You can read more about this on our Sustainability page.