Our History

Where We Began

In 2001, a group of concerned, passionate people knew that the animals of Douglas County needed and deserved the very best care.

After a year of working through details, Saving Grace was deeded the land from Douglas County in June 2002 and took over shelter operations from the County in July. Since that time, Saving Grace has saved the lives of over 30,000 animals!

From the beginning, Saving Grace’s focus was on adoptions and providing quality care. An Animal Healthy Advisory Committee of local veterinarians was formed to provide guidance on populations, practices for disease control and vaccination protocols.

The organization actively promoted spay/neuter, and in 2007 opened the onsite spay/neuter clinic. Since that time, Saving Grace has performed over 7,300 surgeries.​

New Facility

After years of fundraising and months of construction, we moved into our new building in November 2011. Our new facility finally allows us to provide the quality of care envisioned by our founders so many years ago.​

As we look back over the past and look toward our future, we are grateful for the foresight of those who have led with vision and commitment, the strength and compassion of staff members past and present, the generosity of donors who have made our work possible, and the support of volunteers who have worked alongside us for the animals.​

We hope you’ll join us!

A photo of the front of the Saving Grace Pet Adoption Center building in Roseburg, Oregon

Did you know?

The organization was named in honor of Grace, a yellow lab who was adopted from a shelter and touched the lives of many.

A photo of the yellow lab retriever who the Saving Grace Pet Adoption Center was named for