Return To Home Program

Return To Field, aka Return to Home, is a practice being done by shelters all across the country.

*Please note: This program is temporarily on hold, pending resource availability.*

It is supported by major national organizations like the ASPCA, Best Friends and the Humane Society of the United States and it has saved the lives of millions of cats.

In a perfect world, every cat would have an indoor home (at least according to humans). However cats have always lived outdoors and will continue to live in homes that we as humans might consider ‘nontraditional’. In fact, many outdoor cats go from house to house, being fed and loved in different ways at each stop, so you could actually say these cats have more than one ‘home’ and family who love them.

Often times good Samaritans bring outdoor cats to the shelter not realizing that these cats are being cared for by members of the community. When our staff sees that these cats are both friendly and well cared for, instead of making them homeless by keeping them at the shelter (by definition an animal who ends up in the shelter is homeless), we provide them with basic veterinary care including spay/neuter, vaccinations, an eartip (a slight clip off the top of the right ear done while under anesthesia to show they have been fixed and are being cared for) and parasite treatment, as well as checking their overall health condition. As soon as they have recovered, we return them to the same location where they were found, to their home.

a calico colored cat outdoors

If you would like more information about Return to Field, you can click here. You can read Saving Grace’s Return to Field Policy here. Please also always feel free to reach out with your questions and concerns by emailing us at

As always, thank you for your support and for caring so deeply about the cats of Douglas County! You can donate here and help us continue to provide this program and save lives!