Surrendering a Pet

We understand that there are circumstances where you are not able to keep your pet.

Please review the information on this page for surrendering dogs, cats, kittens, and small animals, as well as other options besides surrender that may be available to you.

What is an alternative to surrendering?

Home to Home

If you need to surrender a cat…

We are currently accepting cats on an emergent basis. At this time, we are defining emergencies as:

  • A cat’s owner has passed away and there is no one to care for them
  • Stray cats who are sick or injured
  • Cats who have been left behind inside a home (please contact Animal Control at 541-440-4328 in these cases)

If your cat falls into one of these categories, or if you have additional questions, please email to schedule a time to bring a cat in to be surrendered.

a white cat inside a cat carrier

If you need to surrender kittens…

If you have found tiny kittens and you think they need help, please check to see if they have full bellies and look clean before calling us. Mama cat is usually not far away and will be back for her kittens! If you know the kittens have been alone for more than 24 hours, or if the kittens are cold to the touch, please call us at 541-672-3907 ext. 113 or bring the kittens to the shelter. If you need more information please visit:

If you have kittens you would like to surrender, please contact us at and we will let you know the options we have available.

3 small white, gray tabby, and black and white kittens in a box

If you need to surrender a dog…

We are currently only accepting dogs via our waitlist. To get on the waitlist, please email with your full name, phone number, information about the dog, and reason for need of surrender. Requests from the waitlist are triaged and accepted based upon situational need.

We may be able to help with providing resources for you to keep your dog, so please ask if there is anything we can provide to help keep them with you! In most cases, we recommend rehoming your dog on your own, please visit to learn more about rehoming directly without bringing your pet to the shelter!

If you have found a stray dog…

If you have found a stray dog and are able to keep them for at least 48 hours, they have a 70% higher chance of finding their way home! If you need supplies or help with printing found posters, Saving Grace can help! Please email for assistance. If you have found a stray dog, please ask neighbors if they recognize the dog, hang found posters in a 5 block radius, post to social media and Craigslist and fill out a found report on our website here.

If you cannot keep the dog, please try giving us a call but feel free to bring the dog to us if you cannot reach us.

A gray and white pit bull dog leaning on a pole

If you need to surrender a small pet…

Saving Grace is currently accepting small animal surrenders as needed. We can accept guinea pigs, rabbits, rats and mice. Please email if you need to make an appointment to surrender a small animal.

a gray rabbit