Volunteer Scheduling

Current Volunteers:

Please click on the volunteer opportunity you’d like to sign up for below and select your time and date! Have your email and password at the ready!

To Contact Volunteer Coordinator:

Email: volunteer@savinggrace.info
Call: 541-672-3907 ex. 113

How To Register For Shift On Desktop

  1. Log on to GivePulse. Click “Sign In” on the top right of the page, enter your email and password, click sign in. The start page once you sign in is the Dashboard.
  2. Scroll down on your dashboard until you see “My Memberships”. Press Saving Grace Pet Adoption Center
  3. Select “Events” and press the list option (three dots next to three lines) to view all available volunteer opportunities. (The calendar option lets you view volunteer opportunities by day. If you want to sign up for multiple shifts at once or view all available shifts, use the list option.) Scroll until you find the volunteer opportunity you’d like to sign up for and click that option.
  4. Click the green “Register” button on the right side of the page. Select the date(s) you want to sign up for, click continue.
  5. Agree to the GP liability form, click continue
Congrats! You are registered!

How to Cancel Registration / Shift On Desktop

First, sign in to your GivePulse account. From your dashboard you can cancel a shift 3 ways.

Way 1:
  1. Follow the first 3 steps of Registering for a shift.
  2. Click the green “update registration” button.
  3. Find the dates on the list that you want to cancel and then select “continue” at the bottom of the page or if you want to cancel all future registrations, select “cancel all” and follow the rest of the prompts on the pages.
Way 2:
  1. On your dashboard, you will see a section that says “Registrations”. This will have all shifts you are registered for.
  2. Click on the event name, it will take you to the event page.
  3. From there, follow step 2 and 3 or way 1.
Way 3:

First, from your dashboard, go to the menu options at the top right of the page and go to “”My Activity”. Select “Registrations”. You may view your registrations in either list or calendar form.

Next, find the date you would like to cancel.

If in calendar form:

  1. Click on the date you want to cancel, find the “update your registration” option on the right side of the page.
  2. Follow step 3 of way 1.

If in list form:

  1. Find the date you want to cancel, go all the way to the right side of the page where the “actions” column is.
  2. Click on the white box with downward arrow in the same row as the date you want to cancel. Several options will pop up. Select “cancel registration” and a confirmation will pop up on the top of your screen.
  3. Press “Ok” and you are done!