Volunteer at Saving Grace

Volunteers are the saving grace of Saving Grace Pet Adoption Center

Volunteers are our most important asset and they do a remarkable job for the animals, the shelter and the community!

Eager to get started but still have questions?

Check out our FAQs and Available Opportunities below!

A photo of two volunteers at Saving Grace Pet Adoption Center in Roseburg, OR

Frequently Asked Questions

How old do you have to be to volunteer?
The minimum age requirement is 10 years old. This is dictated by the Saving Grace insurance policy and does not cover children under 10 years old. We often get interest from young children who have animal experience, but this policy is not flexible.

Can I drop my child off to volunteer alone?
Children 10 years to 15 years MUST be accompanied by a parent or guardian while volunteering. Adult and child must each have a separate application filled out. Once the child is 16 years old, they may volunteer at the shelter without an adult present.

How do I get started?
Your first step is to fill out a volunteer application. Click here for the online application form. Then, come in for orientation and sign up for your first shift for training or shadowing.

How often do I need to volunteer?
We ask for a time commitment of at least once a week for at least 3 months. There is no hourly requirement but we do recommend at least 2 hours per week. However, we have volunteers who come for much more than that!

Can I complete my court ordered community service here?
Yes, Please contact the volunteer coordinator for more information.

I want to volunteer to foster, what do I do?
Please fill out the foster care sign up form. You can also view the foster page on our website.

I have a youth group who wants to come in to volunteer for a service project, what do I do?
All youth must be at least 10 years old. The groups must be supervised by an adult. If the group is being split up around the shelter for different tasks, one adult must be with each group. If all youth are over 16, they do not need an adult to be present unless group has more than 6 members. All youth and supervising adults must fill out a volunteer application (if planning on more than one visit) or fill out a one-time service project form. Please click here to download one-time service project form. Please reach out to the volunteer coordinator if you have questions.

Do I have to have a set schedule to volunteer?
We do prefer you have a set schedule to volunteer but it is not required that you come in for your volunteer time on the same day every week. We do need you to be signed up for shifts online before coming in for your volunteer service.

Ready to get started?

Click below to fill out a volunteer application.

Volunteer Application

A photo of a black and white cat inside an enclosed cat bed

Available opportunities

Dog Walking

Come to the shelter and walk the dogs. The shelter has a large walking path for volunteers to use to walk dogs. Shifts available every day of the week between 9am-6pm.

Morning Care (Cats)

Clean and refresh the cat housing areas. Replace soiled bedding and blankets, replenish empty food and water dishes, replace used litter boxes, etc. Shifts available every day of the week, 9am – 12pm.

Morning Care (Dogs)

Clean and refresh the dog kennels. Replace soiled bedding, blankets and toys. Clean out water dishes, feed breakfast, spot clean walls and floors as needed. Shifts available every day of the week, 9am-12pm.

Cat Socialization

Cat socialization includes toy and human interaction. The cats enjoy play time, being read to, and cuddling! This shift is to teach socialization skills and increases their chances of finding loving homes.

Fido Field Trip

Pick up a dog at the shelter and take them into town for a field trip (take to dog friendly store, take on walk around park, take on hike, take out for a pupaccino, etc.) Field trips time slots available Monday-Saturday between 9am-1pm.


Come to the shelter and scrub out/clean and sanitize the water and food dishes, toys and litter boxes. Shifts available every day of the week 9am – 6pm.


Come to the shelter and use the washing and drying machines to clean soiled bedding and blankets. Shifts available Every day of the week, 9am – 6pm.

Supply Bagger

Come into the shelter to bag up food, litter and other supplies. Use gallon zip lock bags to section out food for dispersal for the mobile pet food bank and foster supplies. Shifts available Monday – Saturday, 9am – 5pm.

Adoption Host

Greet the public as they come into the shelter. Answer questions, schedule adoptions, help with laundry and dishes and other light tasks around the shelter as needed when lobby is slow. Shifts available Tuesday – Saturday, 12-2:30 and 2:30-5pm.


Are you willing and able to open your heart and home to temporarily care for the needs of puppies, kittens, cats, dogs or other critters? Foster care is a vital part of the shelter’s ability to care for animals who need just a bit more time or special attention before they are ready to go to a new home. Foster care can vary from a few days to several weeks.