Wonder’s “Wonderful” Medical Foster Program

Medical fostering is one of the most important ways to help animals.

Pets heal best in a home, and staying in the shelter when they are most vulnerable often leads to them getting sicker. Saving Grace will provide all veterinary care, medicine and supplies.

To learn more about this opportunity, please email secondchance@savinggrace.info or call (541) 672-3907 x111.

Meet Wonder

Wonder was left outside of the Saving Grace gate looking confused. Staff brought her in and after some observation, our Medical Director determined she had some kind of traumatic brain injury that resulted in her walking and “wandering” ALL THE TIME! Due to the uncertainty of her injury, she was sent out to foster for a total of 40 days, but in Saving Grace’s care for 105 days.

This amazing girl stole the heart’s of everyone, but after three months of trying to determine what her quality of life was, it was decided that euthanasia was the most humane option.

A photo of a orange, white and gray cat named Wonder

Medical Foster FAQ

What type of animals can I foster?

The types of animals in this program include animals who have some kind of illness or injury that need a safe and warm home to heal. This could include but is not limited to: upper respiratory infections, broken bones, ringworm, underweight, dental issues, eye ulcers, or awaiting surgery.

What is the time commitment?

The length of foster varies based on the needs of the animal and our vet’s surgery schedule openings. You will receive an approximate duration before you commit to an animal, and we will match you with a pet that works with your availability, and interests.

What are the benefits?

  • Pets heal faster in a home – when taking on a medical foster, you speed up their date to become adopted!
  • It is incredibly rewarding to watch a sick animal become healthy with the proper TLC.
  • Learn more about pet care through experience and with consultations with our Medical Director and Foster Manager.
  • You save two lives: the life of the sick pet you take into your home, and the space you freed up for the shelter to take in another sick animal.


“Wonder wandered…she was my “Roomba” cat for three weeks. She was a sweet and easy girl to foster in some ways, yet difficult in others…She will be remembered and missed.” – Heidi G., Wonder’s Medical Foster